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Team Faces of LFS Color Run

Support team Faces of LFS in The Color Run™ June 11th! We are a team of LFS patients, family and friends coming together to raise money for Li-Fraumeni Syndrome research, education, awareness and patient support. The Color Run is also known as the “Happiest 5K on the Planet” because it is not about how fast you run per mile but how much you will smile!

Team captains Stephanie Kudriashova and Kathy Demko hope that you will join us either by walking or running as a member of our team or by making an online donation.

Thanks for your support!
Team Faces of LFS

Registration is now open!
If you would like to participate in the run – we invite you to join the event in the 10:00 AM – Team Runner. This event is located at Gillette Stadium, at Patriot Place, One Patriot Place Foxboro, MA 02035.

Click here to register and join the team.
Click here if you’ve already registered and would like to join the team.
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Click here to donate, support a walker or to become a fundraiser.


LFS Association

We are families, like you who have been devastated by the effects of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, a hereditary cancer predisposition syndrome. Our hopes are to educate, raise awareness and find better screening programs and treatments for LFS.


Medical Resources

We've compiled a list of doctors available to
answer your questions, LFS support and
treatment. They specialize in many different
areas, which have been listed with their


LFS News

Newly released articles from Drs. Frederick Li and Joseph Fraumeni.


Community Events

Team Faces of LFS Color Run
Join or support Team Faces of LFS in The Color Run™ on June 11th, 2017!


LFS Webinars

Check out our library to watch past LFS
webinars, and to find out about
upcoming webinars!

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LFS Awareness Brochure

Myriad Genetics is proud to partner with LFSA to launch the global LFS Education and Awareness Campaign!