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Huntsman Cancer Institute

2000 Circle of Hope Salt Lake City, UT 84112
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Associated physicians:
Joshua Schiffman, M.D. – pediatric oncology
Randall Burt, M.D. – gastroenterology
Jewel Samadder, M.D. – gastroenterology
Saundra Buys, M.D. – oncology
Sancy Leachman, M.D. – dermatology

Genetic counselors:
Amanda Gammon, MS CGC
Wendy Kohlmann, MS CGC
Kory Jasperson, MS CGC
Marjan Champine, MS CGC
Deepika Nathan, MS CGC

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LFS Association provides a wide range of information, advocacy, and support services for individuals and families with Li Fraumeni Syndrome. We support a consortium of researchers, medical providers and caregivers to further research and promote optimal care for the LFS community.

LFS Association

We are families, like you who have been devastated by the effects of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, a hereditary cancer predisposition syndrome. Our hopes are to educate, raise awareness and find better screening programs and treatments for LFS.


Medical Resources

We've compiled a list of doctors available to answer your questions, LFS support and treatment. They specialize in many different areas, which have been listed with their information.