The LFSA Youth Program was designed to help young people with LFS live their lives to the fullest and stay connected with one another. We’ve created this page in hopes that you will find value and help in achieving your own goals to grow and thrive.

The LFSA Youth Program provides support to teens and young adults with LFS (ages 13-25) by giving them opportunities to learn more about the condition from experts in the field in fun, engaging, and positive ways such as Youth Workshops, webinars, and quarterly Youth Newsletters. Very importantly, the Youth Program facilitates friendships between young adults living with LFS, creating a great support network amongst those who truly understand!

“I realized that I’m not alone and, more than this, I feel inspired by every teen and young adult. I can see myself in them and I see that they have fears and concerns just like me… I could see that I’m not the only one who lives with these questions, this inspires me to fight and to live one day at a time.”

~Youth Program Member

What is it like as a youth with LFS?

LFSA Latin America Youth Co-Chair Isabel Costa shares her story.

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Past Virtual Events

Watch and join in on Zentangle!

Michele Rieder, Instructor from the Hirsch Wellness Network, and the LFSA Youth present Zentangle, an art activity that provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being. Learn more about Zentangle!

Youth Connect is a virtual event for teen and young adult participants ages 13 to 21 to be able to learn from and engage with experts in the LFS field and connect with other LFS youth to foster friendship and support.

“Nutrition: A Pillar of Health”
If you have questions for Camella Rising, you may contact her at Find Helpful Links by Downloading Camella’s Presentation Here.

“Stress & Coping with LFS”

Session I: 13-18 Years Old

Session II: 18-25 Years Old

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