Dr. Sameer Rastogi is a faculty member in the Department of Medical Oncology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, leading tertiary care centre in North India. Currently, he is running a dedicated sarcoma/desmoids/Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) medical oncology clinic in AIIMS New Delhi. His other interests are endocrine cancers and melanoma. He did his Medical Oncology fellowship at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai and has various publications to his credit including reputed journals. He has received various international awards like Young investigator award from SIOP (International Society of Pediatric Oncology) and Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) Asia Pacific award. A group of people who had received treatment from him have formed a sarcoma support group called Sachin Sarcoma Society which is currently one of the leading support groups for sarcoma/GIST/desmoid patients in India.

During tenure, Dr. Rastogi saw many patients with sarcoma having strong family history suggestive of Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS). He got those families tested and few families came positive for LFS. At this time, he got in touch with LFS Association to share the common vision to help LFS families across the globe. He wants to develop a strong Indian chapter/support group/educational program for patients with LFS in India and is determined to carry LFS research forward in India. If you are a doctor seeing LFS or a family with LFS patients, please feel free to contact him at samdoc_mamc@yahoo.com.

The LFS Association Awareness brochure is now available in Hindi to download and print:  LFSA Hindi PDF

Alternately, you can view the information in Hindi here utilizing the Google translate feature.

NEW:  View Dr. Rastogi’s video presentation on Li-Fraumeni syndrome in Hindi, here.

Dr. Rastogi works closely with the Delhi-baset Sachin Sarcoma Society (SSS).  SSS is a patient support group which helps Sarcoma patient and their caregivers.
Twitter @sachin sarcoma, telephone +91 966 724 8800
email:  support@sachinsarcomasociety.org
You may also contact Rashi Kapoor, SSS President, telephone – +91 999 921 2586  or via Twitter – @rashikapoor17.



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