LFS Youth & Young Adult Brochures

LFS Awareness Brochure for Teens, designed especially for our teens and young adults.

English version only. Comes in packets of 25 brochures.


A list of Frequently Asked Questions about LFS and their answers. 

LFS Fact Sheet

A guide to what is LFS, the importance of genetic testing and the impact on public health.

LFS Fact Sheet
for Medical Providers

In conjunction with our esteemed Medical Advisory Board, the GCAG developed this quick fact sheet for your healthcare team(s)

Resource for
Mental Health Providers

Printable Quick Reference Resource for Mental Health Providers delineating challenges that families with LFS face. 

Genetic Testing
for LFS Fact Sheet

Awareness sheet highlighting the importance of how genetic testing can save lives for LFS and inherited cancers.

“Living My Best”
Children’s Guide

An LFS resource for children aged 8 -13. Review the booklet and decide if it’s the right time to share with your child.


Cancers reported in LFS families. Click on the cancer type to reach the National Cancer Institute’s patient education library:

Carcinomas (cancers that originate in a tissue that lines the inner or outer surfaces of the body, also known as epithelial cells)

Sarcomas (cancers that arises from transformed cells of mesenchymal origins)

Leukemias (originate from bone marrow) and Lymphomas (originate in the lymphatic tissues)

Skin cancers