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What is LFS?
Li-Fraumeni Syndrome is a rare inherited disorder that greatly increases one’s risk of developing cancer during their lifetime...
Metformin Study for LFS Patients
Enrollment is limited. Learn more today!
Watch The Webinar from July 28, 2014 “LFS – Recent Findings and Future Directions”
Presented by medical genetics specialist, Dr. Louise Strong, of MD Anderson...
What is LFS?

LFS Association

We are families, like you who have been devastated by the effects of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, a hereditary cancer predisposition syndrome. Our hopes are to educate, raise awareness and find better screening programs and treatments for LFS.


Medical Resources

We've compiled a list of doctors available to answer your questions, LFS support and treatment. They specialize in many different areas, which have been listed with their information.