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Dollar For – Financial Assistance Webinar

Join us August 5th at 5:30 PM for a webinar: Navigating Hospital Financial Assistance, presented by Dollar For. We are excited to invite you to an exclusive webinar hosted by the LFS Association on August 5th at 5:30 PM EDT. This event will cover the essential topic of navigating hospital financial assistance programs, also

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Larry Ingrassia – A difficult and inspiring journey of discovery

Lawrence Ingrassia, author of A Fatal Inheritance: How a Family Misfortune Revealed a Deadly Medical Mystery, talks about the two-decades long journey by Dr. Joseph Fraumeni Jr. and Dr. Frederick Pei Li, to solve the medical mystery behind the cancer syndrome named after them; the journey of his family, and "Family A" in their

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A Fatal Inheritance – How a Family Misfortune Revealed a Deadly Medical Mystery

Larry Ingrassia’s, A Fatal Inheritance, is the most comprehensive biography of Li-Fraumeni syndrome for the lay reader to date. Though this book reads like a riveting medical mystery, it is also an informative resource for medical students and providers, genetic counselors, and families riddled with early onset, rare, and/or multiple cancers, and even the skeptics

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New survey – vaccines for primary cancer prevention in adolescents & young adults

The Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah is studying attitudes pertaining to vaccines for primary cancer prevention in adolescents and young adults with cancer predisposition syndromes. If you would like to take part in this questionnaire-based research please follow the provided link below to the questionnaire web-page. This is a survey-based study that looks at personal

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Congratulations to NCI’s Dr. Payal Kincha, co-chair of LFSA – India!

Dr. Payal Khincha, M.B.B.S., M.S.H.S., the inaugural Lasker Clinical Research Scholar in DCEG's Clinical Genetics Branch (CGB), whose expertise in diagnosing and managing Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS) is reshaping the landscape of cancer prevention and management. Dr. Khincha leads pioneering research efforts aimed at developing innovative strategies to combat cancer in high-risk populations. As the principal

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Liquid biopsy improves early cancer detection and diagnosis in patients with LFS

LFSA Medical Advisory Board Member Dr. David Malkin and his team at SickKids in Toronto continue to improve the lives of those with Li-Fraumeni syndrome! A recent article discusses a groundbreaking study led by researchers at SickKids Hospital, demonstrating the effectiveness of liquid biopsy in enhancing early cancer detection and diagnosis for patients with

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Hot off the press!!! Genotype–phenotype associations within the Li-Fraumeni spectrum: a report from the German Registry.

In 2017, not only did Dr. Christian Kratz launch our international chapter, LFSA – Germany, but he also founded the German Cancer Predisposition Syndrome Registry based at Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany. The registry collects information on genotypes, personal medical details, family histories, and surveillance, as well as a range of biospecimens.  In today’s

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New publication! Cancer surveillance for patients with LFS in Brazil

Dr. Maria Isabel Achatz led a recent publication on the cost-effectiveness of Cancer surveillance for patients with LFS in Brazil using the Toronto Protocol screening guidelines. Brazil has a higher prevalence of LFS compared to other countries, due to a founder mutation in the TP53 gene.

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NCI: Making Strides Toward Precision Medicine for Individuals with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

Read about the advancements in LFS research that our team at the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, Clinical Genetics Branch, have accomplished in their March 2022 news update.

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Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association Lauds Advancements in Classifying Hereditary Cancer Risks

HOLLISTON, MA -- The Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association (LFSA), dedicated to furthering research and worldwide awareness of the inherited cancer predisposition disorder, celebrates new findings published in the renowned JAMA Oncology journal with implications to better predict cancer risk. First presented at LFSA's 5th International Symposium last year, the concept of analyzing tumor patterns and

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