I discovered that I have Li-Fraumeni syndrome in 2021. At the time, my mastologist asked me for a genetic test due to the extensive history of cancer in my family (mother, uncle, grandmother, among others).

I have never had any type of cancer. In 2022 I chose to perform a preventive bilateral mastectomy.I follow the Toronto protocol and am accompanied by numerous doctors (oncologist, mastologist, gynecologist, dermatologist, neurologist).

I carry with me two great lessons. The first is that INFORMATION SAVES LIVES and the second is that the syndrome is not a sentence.

It’s normal to despair about the diagnosis, but I see the good side, we have the chance to take preventive action. Prevention can change the course of our lives. Living with the syndrome just means that you will have more care, nothing more than that. As I said, Li-Fraumeni is not a sentence.