I discovered the syndrome in January 2021, after my uncle underwent genetic testing in an attempt to find a better treatment for the cancer he was dealing with. Thus, shortly after receiving the result that I also had the syndrome, at the age of 24, I decided to undergo preventive mastectomy. It was a difficult process, but I never regretted it.

I have never had cancer, and I hope not to. I think the most significant thing I learned from the diagnosis and everything I experienced from that moment on was to stop postponing the dreams that were possible to achieve today. I stopped waiting for tomorrow to live.

Today, I am well, happy, and continue to be full of projects and dreams. I believe the greatest advice I can give to someone who has just received the diagnosis is: know that this is not the end of something but the beginning. The beginning of a life and a story very different from those who did not have the opportunity to know about the syndrome and to receive close monitoring.

LFSA is a large unlikely family: people from different parts of the world united by a syndrome. It is where we are embraced, and we do not feel alone.