Debora Scardino Mancebo, 34 years old, from São Paulo, Brazil. She had breast cancer at 30 years old.

Cancer has always been something I had to deal with in my family, because my dad, aunt and grandfather has passed away of cancer. So I already knew that, someday day, I could have it too. I just didn´t know that would be at the age of 30. When I found out about cancer, at first my world collapsed, but very quickly I focused on the cure. I have a son and he was the strength I needed to stay positive and face the diagnosis and the whole process. Finding out about the syndrome was more difficult than finding out about the cancer… because for me it was the realization that it wasn’t just breast cancers.

On the other hand, I´m grateful for the opportunity to know about the syndrome and be able to take precautions. Today I lead a much healthier life and my exams are always up to date. LFSA is a very important association for disseminating important and true information for people with the syndrome and their families. It is also a way to connect people who are going through similar doubts and problems. Li-fraumeni is not a death sentence. We’re all going to die one day, but more importantly, we have to worry about how we’re going to live!