I discovered Li-Fraumeni syndrome in 2017, after breast cancer at the age of 20. The oncologist requested genetic testing, and I was fortunate to receive the diagnosis from a very humane specialist, who has been accompanying me ever since, always providing clear and accurate information about the syndrome.

Today, 7 years later, I’m doing well. In 2020, I had a recurrence of breast cancer, and thanks to screening exams, I discovered it early and am doing very well, although still undergoing treatment. It’s not easy to go through this process; I wish I had known about genetic testing before having cancer, but it wasn’t possible. I know my life would be different, which is why I now speak about the importance of genetic testing and taking care of one’s health, and keeping up with regular check-ups.

The Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Association was a turning point in my life because with them, I know I’m not alone and I’ve made friends for life. I learn every day from all of this. I’ve learned to be more resilient, more patient, and more grateful for life. I’ve learned that life is a gift, and being alive is a present.

The advice I give to a newly diagnosed patient is: follow the screening protocol correctly, do your part! This protocol saves lives. Live one day at a time.