Olívia Naves, 22 years old, she never had cancer, from São Paulo, Brazil

Hello! My name is Olívia Naves and I’m 22 years old.

Having Li-Fraumeni has changed completely the way I deal with my health.

In the beginning it’s hard not to drown with the anxiety about the fact you’re more vulnerable to cancer. But with time you learn to adapt to this new information and you realize that your life has changed for the best, because you got the chance to protect yourself. You were born with a genetic condition and nothing in the world would reverse that, but having that knowledge in your favor it’s the most important and effective tool to survive cancer.

Yes, you might (or might not) get cancer but that doesn’t mean your dying of cancer. By doing frequently your exams you are always one step ahead. And by testing yourself and your family you get to protect not only yourself but your loved ones as well.

Knowledge is power, I hope that’s not the first time reading that, but if it is cultivate that thought inside your mind. And know you will never be alone on that journey.