Mr. Peter Weru was born in 1983 born healthy with no medical issues at the age of 32yrs.

I started experiencing some pain on my left leg and later I developed a growth on my knee .

I sought medical attention, and I did many scans and x-rays later after a sample was extracted from the tumor and it was discovered that it was a cancerous growth (osteosarcoma) .

I went through chemotherapy and reconstruction surgery which took a stall on my life due to being immobile but it has been now 7 years and going strong each and every day.

I am currently, through Dr. Samuel Omolo (LFSA Africa Chairman), getting genetic tests for our entire family and enlightening people across Africa on LFS to try and stop the spread of cancer in my generation. This started with my grandmother, later my two cousins have also died due to the same illness, but with the this advanced technology and through LFSA Africa, I believe we shall find a solution for this menace.