Devoted to a world without inherited cancer

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LFS Association


We are a community of Li‑Fraumeni syndrome families, researchers and care providers. We are the building blocks of a future without LFS.

LFS Association provides a wide range of information, advocacy, and support services for individuals and families with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. We support a consortium of researchers, medical providers, and caregivers to further research and promote optimal care for the LFS community.

Genetics matter: know your family, know your genes.

LFS predisposes carriers to a diverse range of childhood and adult-onset cancers – some rare, often early onset. Most families with LFS have an inherited pathogenic variant in the TP53 gene – a tumor suppressor gene. Malfunctioning TP53 are involved with most all cancers in the general population.


Doctors and Specialists Available to Answer Your Questions

We are the building blocks of a future without LFS. Together we will bridge the gap between patients and professionals who have the same goal.


A Global Network of Care Providers and Advocates

The LFSA has 10 international chapters headed by medical professionals, patients and advocates, as well as a global partnership of a consortium of care providers.

Helping young people with LFS live their lives to the fullest and stay connected with one another. The LFSA Youth Program is an opportunity for teens and young adults ages 13 to 25 to learn from and engage with experts in the LFS field and connect with other LFS youth to foster friendship and support.

Always at the Heart of What We Do

As families who have been affected by LFS, we all know the significant challenges we have faced and overcome. At the LFS Association we want to share hope, resilience and compassion to all of our LFS families. We are the Faces of LFS…we are LFS Strong.

Honoring & Remembering Our LFS Family.

Forever in Our Hearts.

Information for Providers, Family & Friends

Download or request copies of LFS Awareness literature to share in a practice, clinic or with care providers. Awareness and how we approach our healthcare will save lives.

LFS Awareness Brochure

Genetics can’t be changed, but the way we approach our healthcare can be. Early detection saves lives.

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LFS Youth & Young Adult Brochure

Empowering adolescents and young adults to drive key aspects of their healthcare and decision making.

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Latest News

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LFS Association Grant Program

The LFSA is proud to announce a new grant award to Pr. Arnie Levine at the Institute for Advanced Studies in memory of Pr. Thierry Frébourg


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