Dr. Malak Abed AlThagafi is a Georgetown, UCSF and Harvard trained physician-scientist, entrepreneur and public speaker. She is from Makkah and was born with a genetic disorder which led to her very early passion toward medicine and genomics.

Dr Malak Abed AlThagafi is an American board certified physician-scientist in Clinical Pathology, Anatomical Pathology, Neuropathology, and Molecular Genetics Pathology. Her clinical and research interests are mainly in surgical oncology pathology, molecular genetics pathology and neuropathology, especially in terms of its application towards precision medicine. She is leading the 1000 Saudi familial cancer patients initiative and working with a clinical team to establish the first cancer genetic screening and surveillance program in the kingdom. She studied and worked in world renowned universities like Georgetown, University of California San Francisco, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and Harvard. She is a national and international awards winner in her field and has published over 75 papers . Currently, she is the Chairperson of Genomics Research Department and Director of the Saudi Human Genome Lab at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) in Riyadh, consultant subspecialty in molecular genetics and neuropathology at KFMC, assistant research professor at King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST), part time faculty at Harvard Medical School, and founder of I-Gen. Her hope is to improve the application of personalized medicine and targeted therapy in Saudi Arabia, and increase public awareness in genomics.  You can contact Dr. AlThagafi at email


Lamia Fahad Alsubaie is a genetic counselor and blogger specializing in genetic medicine. She graduated from Joan H. Marks Human Genetic Program – Sarah Lawrence College ’15, and received bioethics training as genetic counseling candidate at Columbia Center for Bioethics, as well as pediatrics genetics and cytogenetics training at Columbia Medical Center. She is senior genetic counselor at King Abdulaziz Medical City – National Guard Health Affairs, and she launched the first specialized cancer genetic counseling clinic in Saudi Arabia.

Lamia is a part-time research genetic counselor at King Fahad Medical City, and a part-time instructor at the genetic counseling Master’s program at Al-Faisal University. Lamia is part of a clinical team leading the 1000 Saudi familial cancer patients’ initiative to establish the first cancer genetic screening and surveillance program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, she is involved in research with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, and a multi-language patients resources project with the international special interest group at National Society of Genetic Counselors. Her clinical interest is mainly in onco-genetic counseling, general genetic counseling, and lab genetic counseling. She devotes her efforts in promoting the profession of genetic counseling in Saudi Arabia, and in creating professional content resources for the public, patient families, and health-care providers interested in genetic/genomic science from all over the Arab world.

Lamia AlSubaie is also on the LFS Association Genetic Counselor Advisory Board.  She can be reached at telephone number: +966 555242147 or through email at

– Co-Chairs Malak Abed AlThagafi & Lamia AlSubaie

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